Inspired by and named for an ancient Egyptian goddess of “of extraordinary loveliness, possessing a heavenly beauty, indescribably fair and youthful”. 

In each of us, there exists a duality. Opposing forces that balance each other out. Ancient Egypt believed deeply in this concept, and out of that were born the two sisters, Nephthys and Isis. This or that. 

Associated with the setting sun, twilight and darkness, Nephthys held the power of sacred words and magic spells. Isis, or "the Great Magic”, represented the other side of a woman - a nurturer, a mother, selfless and self-sacrificing. Distinguished only by their headgear, the sisters are referred to as a pair throughout Egyptian mythology - “Isis comes and Nephthys comes, one of them from the west and one of them from the east, one of them as a raptor, one of them as a kite.”