Acropora is a journey through the waters, and on land, from sunrise to sunset, a celebration of nature and all the inspiration she offers us. Inspired by Bangaram in Lakshwadeep, India - an island filled with tropical blooms and stunning landscapes - Acropora is intricately detailed with storytelling. Krésha’s love for the underwater world, and the universe of deep-sea diving continues to inform her designs. 

This collection features organza lehengas, lace sarees, silk pantsuits and body suits, with bridal tulle gowns. Known for her contemporary cuts and an interplay of textures, Krésha’s unique use of colour and craftsmanship in her designs present a fairy-tale world, which embrace the feminine figure. 

Acropora features a range of silhouettes from light silks to velvet with hand-embellished sequins and pearls to gowns adorned with beads and quills. Thousands of hours and 500 karigars have come together to showcase Acropora’s journey from land to sea. 

Look closely at each piece and a hidden treasure will appear. Krésha has employed a unique technique of ombré shading to transform pieces from light to dark (sunrise to sunset). A signature combination of glass beading and crystals, interplayed with intricate aari and zardozi work, and over 50 shades of meticulous thread embroidery help create a watercolour painting on an outfit. 

Elements of each underwater dive have been captured as the story of Acropora - celebrating the elements of sunshine, and darkness, water creatures, and the dance of the oceans.