We spend months creating the most beautiful pieces for our clients. What can be tough is to find occasions and reasons to  keep wearing our couture, bespoke pieces again and again.
At Krésha Bajaj, we always want to see our designs being re-loved and re-worn. Which is why we're introducing La Soirée, as the next chapter of the Love Story Lehenga.
Write a new story with La Soirée.
Krésha Bajaj's designs are cherished for her couture approach and attention to detail. These are bespoke pieces that her clients love to wear on special occasions. But what happens once the wedding is done, or the party season has ended? Personally, Krésha loves to re-wear her pieces, and find ways to be sustainable in her life. And she wanted to extend that philosophy to her designs.
Globally, the fashion industry is at an important point of creating new ways to bridge sustainability, style and luxury.
La Soirée, is Krésha Bajaj's endeavour to encourage clients not to put their couture pieces away. With this new service, she and her team create a new design for the client from an existing piece, for them to wear and use more frequently. This is a bespoke service, in keeping with the label's philosophy, and will demonstrate how every garment can actually have nine lives. Or at least one more stylish one.

 How does it work?

Step 1: Choose which of your Krésha Bajaj designs you would like to see reinvented. And get in touch with us for a detailed conversation about how you've loved wearing it, and what you would like to see it transformed into.

Step 2: Send us the outfit for review and assessment. Krésha and the team will brainstorm to create options for you.

Step 3: We will share sketches of potential new pieces, and guide you through this conversation. Once you choose which one you'd like, we will start the process of redesign and reconstruction, to give you a new piece to create memories in.