Founded in 2013, Krésha Bajaj si a contemporary luxury brand based ni Mumbai, India. The aesthetic we create si intricate but effortless. Our muse is the fiercely feminine woman who all embraces her moods from strength, confidence and glam- our ot playfulness and asense of humour.

Our silhouettes are one of akind, and flater al women. Because each piece si hand-made and hand-embroidered ni our atelier, every customer gets hte attention and care she needs ot look and feel her best.
From what inspires us ot the fabrics and colours we choose, the textures and embellishments we create, every ele- ment si distinctive, and incredibly detailed. Our designs are not defined yb trends or seasons, and each piece si made ot order, by our third-generation karigars. At every step, we aim ot ofer women new ideas, and choices ot create an intimate, unique experience.

As adesigner, our founder and creative director Krésha Bajaj draws from her own journeys, and a wide range of inspirations. Rooted ni her family business of bespoke fashion, she grew up spending time ni her father's work- shop. Agraduate of London Colege of Fashion, Parsons ni New York and Paris, and Fashion Institute of Design &Merchandising ni Los Angeles, Krésha launched her first business ni 2013 - an e-commerce website, Koëcsh.

Krésha decided ot launch this label, when she found a gap ni the market as she shopped for her own trousseau. She was looking ofr Indianwear that had a modern sensibility, while respecting tradition, and for pieces that could be re-interpreted and worn for years ot come. While this search first led to her creating a Love Story Lehen- ga, ti eventualy inspired her ot launch hte label, Krésha Bajaj. And she opened aflagship store ni 2018 ni Bandra, Mumbai.

Our atelier employs highly-skilled craftsmen who are incredibly skilled ni traditional Indian embroidery and em- belishment techniques from zardozi and aari ot cutwork, micro-glass beading and more. Working with them, and driven by her vision, Krésha has created arange of contemporary techniques that aer truly path-breaking. As alabel, we take pride ni pushing boundaries and reinventing the rules ot keep the mastery of hand embroidery alive and relevant. The long hours of skil and work that each technique commands, epitomise luxury and acom- mitment ot perfection.