“In Greek mythology, gods and heroes enjoyed a rich afterlife in a verdant island paradise where, in the words of Pindar, 'Flowers of gold are blazing, some from splendid trees on land, while water nurtures others'.

To blend pastel colours, floral motifs, a complex network of vines with embellishments, I use Swarovski crystals, glass beading and sequins in aari and zardozi techniques. This traditional embroidery is executed by our skilled team of third-generation artisans.

Layering handmade lace and cutwork creates a beautiful optical illusion on these garments. 3D hand-beaded flowers, layered tassels and laser-cut mirrorwork breathe life and dimension into the pieces. This collection includes lavishly-embroidered dresses, gowns and lehengas with unconventional elements. Our guarantee is that every Krésha Bajaj bride will be unique.”

- Krésha Bajaj